Liquid Packing Machine
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Liquid Packing Machine

Product Presentation

The production line supporting machinery in addition to marked materials are stainless steel, all machine structures are in accordance with food hygiene standards selected design.
Often dismantling the structure are easy to dismantle the connection, to ensure that the shift or change the product when dealing with health convenience
The production line of the normal production needs 1-2 employees.

Model KL-300Y
Measure Type Pump
Products Touched Part Material SS304
Controlling Type PLC
Filling Range 0~100ML
Bag Size W = 30~130mm
L   = 50 ~165mm
Max Film Width 300mm
Weighing Accuracy ≤± 1%
Packing Speed 30~40 bags/min
Supply  1P / 220V / 50Hz
Power 1.5KW

1) Including color code detecting function.
2) Including One Bag Former
3) Bag Type : Pillow Back Sealing

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