Conventional Palletizer (For Industry Use)
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Capacity : 60 case per minute

Main structure and principle, Case rotating, Belt conveyor, Classification yard, Palletizing, Pallet conveyor, full pallet out, Pallet feeding, Pallet dispenser, Empty pallet in.
  • Roller conveyor and pack turning device. It can rotate the pack 90 ° when the pack needs to rotate 90°it is in a position of pack rotation and the block activated by the cylinder.
  • Two speed belt conveyor. There are two belts front and back, speed of them is different. The distance between two packs increased when pack passes the belts. 4.3Classification yard has the function of pack arranging, which can arrange the packs to needed palletizing type.
  • There is a device to monitor packs, and adjust the production speed according to the monitoring data.
  • Pallet dispenser. It can release from full pallet and collect for each single empty pallet, can store 10-15 pallets.
  • It can stop and alarm automatically when the machine is in a abnormal situation.
  • Warning signs posted, to improve the safety awareness of the operator.
Dimensions 5050*2780*3930 (L*W*H)
Standard Pallet Size 1100 mm * 1100mm * 150 mm
Power 14Kw (Including classification yard, main machine, five sections pallet conveyor,
pallet dispenser,  two speed belt conveyor, case rotating roller conveyor)
Compressed Air  Pressure : 0.5MPa   I  Air Consumption : Max : 100L / min
Weight (Main Machine) 4.6 T
Floor Load  8 x 750KG
Horizontal Angle ± 1°
Noise ≤ 85 dB

Electric Configuration

Power Supply 380V (Max.±10%) 50Hz 3PH+PE
Low Pressure Control SIEMENS (SHNEIDER) 24VDC
Thermomagnetic Switch SIEMENS (SHNEIDER)
Electromagnetic Switch SIEMENS (SHNEIDER)

Other electric equipment protection degree no less than IP54.
Electrovalve accord with ISO505599/1/0 standard.
Cylinder accord with ISO 15552 – VDMA 24563-02 standard

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